• Reinventing the pleasure of showering

    Innovational cleansing experience

    Invigorating sensation of water

    Inspired by nature

    Gjosa uses every last drop of water wisely while saving up to 80% on water and up to 60% on energy

    A game changer

    Swiss innovation setting the sanitary standard for the future

  • Gjosa transforms water into a fine powerful spray. The technology is based on pulverization of water enabling an unprecedented low flow rate.


    It uses water wisely to the very last drop, saving up to 80% on water and up to 60% on energy, with only 2 liters of water per minute. It also has the unique ability to dispense cosmetic or hygiene lotions within the flow, opening to new market segments.


    The Gjosa technology has been invented by Elmar Mock, the co-inventor of the SWATCH watch, and a spin-off from Creaholic, the renowned Swiss innovation house. It benefits from a solid, global and mature portfolio, and from co-development with Bosh. Gjosa offers not only a new comfort level, but also combines Swiss proprietary technologies and respect for the environment.


    Gjosa is setting the sanitary standard for the future.


  • Gjosa Keystone

    Smart Power Unit and showerhead delivering 2 liters per minute with an invigorating and comfortable water flow.

    It is easy to install and elegant.

    Gjosa Keystone is the new standard setter.

    Gjosa Mix

    Integrating hygiene lotions or cosmetics in the flow opens a complete new way to approach skin and body care, while using minimal amount of water.

    A unique opportunity for new markets!

  • Markets

    Gjosa is targeting four markets where its product generates strong added value.

    Body-care & wellness

    The shower of the future

    Incorporating soap or conditioner in the shower stream opens up new markets for wellness and cosmetic products.

    Water sensitive regions

    Regions where reducing consumption is a necessity

    For highly populated places with a high standard of living, where water is expensive or the provisioning not guaranteed.


    Cost reduction through energy and water savings

    An opportunity to reduce costs by lowering water and energy consumption, with no compromise on comfort.


    Reducing the weight and cost of boarded water

    Bringing down the water consumption of the showers to 2 L/min, drastically reduces the water and energy load needed per passenger.

  • Order a Pilot

    We invite you to be part of our journey by installing Gjosa Keystone units. Being a partner, you will benefit from discounts on future orders and from pioneer promotions.


    Stay tuned...

  • Who's behind Gjosa?

    Gjosa is led by a highly qualified and entrepreneurial incubation team, surrounded by high level mentors and a global network.

    Luc Amgwerd



    Yves Loerincik

    Business development


    Amin Abdulla

    Business Strategy


    Elmar Mock

    Inventor, Chairman


    Tao Li

    Technical Coordination


    Jean-Louis Sirey

    Strategic Advisor


    Hamid Davodi

    MEA Market Advisor




    Sanitary Partner

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