• Key facts

    A new experience

    Gjosa is redefining the comfort of showering. Constant pressure, homogenous and swift stream and invigorating feel of water transform the shower experience.

    The shower of the future

    Gjosa offers an innovational cleansing experience with unprecedented water flow (2 liters of water per minute, such corresponding to 80% less water than an average shower) and the unique ability to dispense cosmetic or hygiene lotions within the flow. Just designed for the future!

    Swiss innovation at its best

    Gjosa is inspired by nature, by geyser, where the names comes from. The technology has been spin-off from Creaholic, the prominent Swiss innovation house and benefits from a solid, global and mature patent portfolio.

    Towards a new landmark

    Gjosa is proposing a breakthrough technology, declined in a first portfolio of 2 products: Gjosa Keystone (2L/min) and Gjosa Mix (with additives). A trendsetting technology for the sanitary industry.

  • Markets

    Gjosa is targeting four markets where its product generates strong added value



    Cost reduction through energy and water savings


    An opportunity to reduce costs by lowering water and energy consumption, while providing an invigorating touch and comfort.

    New building in water sensitive regions

    Regions where reducing consumption is a necessity

    For all highly populated places with a good standard of living, where water is expensive or the provisioning is not guaranteed



    Reducing the weight and cost
    of boarded water

    Bringing down the water consumption of the showers to 2 L/min reduces drastically the tons of water load needed for passengers

    Body-care & wellness


    The shower of the future



    Pioneer concept of incorporating pre-metered amounts of shampoo, soap or body-care lotions in the flow.

  • Ready to test?

    In the very coming time, we invite you to be part of our journey by installing Gjosa Keystone units. With this priority, you will benefit from discount on future orders and from pioneer promotion. Stay tuned….

  • Team

    Gjosa is lead by an entrepreneurial and experienced team, surrounded by high level mentors and global network .

    Luc Amgwerd




    Yves Loerincik




    Amin Abdulla




    Elmar Mock

    Invention, chairman



  • Interested in the product? Building a strategic partnership, or investing?

    Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to provide you with any relevant information or to organise an in-person meeting to present both the technology and the strategy of Gjosa.